Monitoring America Alarm Co-Op launches new dealer program

Tulsa, OK — January 25, 2011 — Monitoring America Alarm Co-Op recently launched an innovative dealer program that keeps paying Dealers—over and over. The cornerstone of the company’s new dealer program is the recurring revenue paid to its Dealers.

Over 20 years in the making, this Dealer program offers an incredible option for business-savvy Dealers. Dealers will enjoy recurring revenue for the lifetime of the account, have an impressive buyback option, and reap the benefits of true partnership.
Dealer Program Worth the Wait

"Our Dealer program is different because we are a true cooperative business, owned by the alarm companies whose accounts we monitor," said Ron Wies, general manager. "The launch of the new Dealer program follows the same theme; we are a partner with our Dealers, not a competitor. We will share the ongoing monthly revenue with our Dealers."

This partnership approach not only pays Dealers recurring revenue, it also allows Dealers to maintain an ongoing relationship with their accounts. Monitoring America answers calls and dispatches in the Dealer’s name. To the Dealer’s customer, Monitoring America is transparent.

"The Monitoring America program is ideal for Dealers interested in long-term business," said Wies. "Dealers can do the work once, but keep getting paid over and over. This passive income continues for the life of the account."

Monitoring America buys the account from the dealer. But it’s not just a one-time payment. Dealers continue to receive a percentage of the recurring revenue for as long as the account exists.

Another feature of Monitoring America’s Dealer program is an attractive buy-back program. Dealers can buy back accounts any time after 36 months, for the same price Monitoring America originally paid the Dealer.