Samsonite deploys Fire-Lite alarm system at distribution facility

One-million square foot warehouse utilizes MS-9200UDLS system

The panel's four separate NAC circuits (Notification Appliance Circuits) supply up to 2.5 amps per circuit to connected devices such as horn-strobes. Each circuit can be programmed for different manufacturer's horn-strobe synchronization signals.

Custom programming capabilities make the MS-9200UDLS panel suitable for almost any stand-alone application. Once all devices are addressed and connected to the SLC, the panel's auto-programming feature can quickly configure the system for basic fire alarm operation with the touch of a button.

Computer-operated software PS-TOOLS allows dealers like FCS to program all system devices off-site. All programming can then be downloaded to the MS-9200UDLS via the panel's USB port. A dial-up port facilitates remote testing.

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