Videx introduces Bluetooth compatible CyberKey

Corvallis, Oregon, August 3, 2009 — Videx is excited to announce CyberKey Blue, a rechargeable key that uses Bluetooth technology. The combination of CyberKey technology and Bluetooth technology provides a unique solution. Now CyberKey users with a BlackBerry phone can update their key with a new access schedule and download their audit information while in the field.

The Bluetooth compatible key is a perfect solution for companies with employees that are mobile or located in remote locations, or when extreme security is required, such as with technicians servicing ATM machines. Rather than carry a key that is programmed to open all the ATM locks on that day s route, the service technician can now carry a key that receives authorization on-the-fly to open a specific lock on a specific machine at each location. Only when at the machine do they receive access permissions via their BlackBerry phone.

CyberKey Blue is the newest addition to the CyberLock Electronic Lock System. With CyberLock, virtually any type of lock can be converted to a higher-security electronic lock simply by replacing the lock s mechanical cylinder with the CyberLock electronic cylinder. The CyberLock system consists of software for managing the locks and keys, CyberLock cylinders that have no keyways to vandalize, and electronic CyberKeys that cannot be duplicated. All CyberLock cylinders and keys record openings and unauthorized attempts to enter. This detailed audit reporting can be extremely valuable to any organization.