Cooper Notification launches notification solution for desktop PCs

Arlington, Va., February 5, 2009 – Cooper Notification, a platform of Cooper Industries, introduced today its latest mass notification solution, Cooper Desktop Notification. Driven by Cooper Notification’s patented Roam Secure Alert Network (RSAN) emergency text and voice alerting system, Cooper Desktop Notification enables officials to send real-time emergency alerts to computer desktops across enterprise network environments.

"Cooper Desktop Notification turns computer desktops into emergency notification devices," said Scott Hearn, President, Cooper Notification. "It is a powerful and cost-effective communications tool to add to the emergency communications plan of any organization."

When critical information must be communicated, Cooper Desktop Notification allows authorized administrators to send audio and visual alerts within seconds to all recipients or targeted groups who are logged onto the network. These intrusive alerts act as partial-screen pop-up notifications and take precedence over all other open windows and programs. Cooper Desktop Notification provides flexible two-way communications for delivery confirmation and user response. Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Vista, the scalable design of the system supports a vast number of connected users. Cooper Desktop Notification enables organizations to customize their desktop pop-up screens and provide links to access maps, evacuation routes and additional emergency information. Cooper Desktop Notification also leverages SSL encryption to ensure secure communications and is designed to comply with all Department of Defense requirements and specifications.

"With the addition of Cooper Desktop Notification, we now offer the industry’s most comprehensive line of emergency notification solutions," said Ratna Reddi, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Cooper Notification. "Developed from one company with a single, easy-to-use interface, RSAN has the capability to send 250,000 plus messages per minute through voice calls to landline and cell phones, text messages, pager, email alerts, computer desktop notification, and postings on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as instantaneously through WAVES 'giant voice' outdoor speakers and SAFEPATHTM indoor notification system."

Cooper Notification has deployed more than 230 RSAN systems across the United States, including major metropolitan areas in and around Washington, DC, Orlando, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Houston, and San Francisco as well as state and federal agencies, colleges, airports, and hospitals. These systems play an important role in emergency alerting and information sharing among government leadership, first responders, critical infrastructure providers, businesses, and citizens.