American Lock debuts stainless steel solid padlocks

(MILWAUKEE, WIS.) – January 25, 2011 - American Lock Company has introduced the new American Lock Stainless Steel Solid Body Padlocks. Built to provide the highest security under extreme weather and the harshest conditions, they are the perfect choice for the toughest environments and withstood rigorous testing to attain ASTM grade 6 status. They also represent the latest in American Lock’s storied history of manufacturing high quality products that exceed commercial industry standards.

Designed with complete corrosion-resistant construction, the Stainless Steel Solid Body Padlocks are ideal for heavy-duty industrial and marine applications. They offer custom made-to-order options to fit any application, with a stainless steel exterior and stainless steel and brass internal components.

Available in 1-3/4” and 2” padlock widths, with a choice of 1-1/8” or 2” shackle heights, these padlocks are built to withstand any punishment including physical attacks. The stainless steel shackle, with dual ball locking, offers strong cut and pry resistance and the stainless steel solid body resists cutting and sawing. Rekeyable and easy to service, the Stainless Steel Solid Body Padlocks have replaceable 5- and 6-pin cylinders that provide an exceptional number of key changes.

“We are very excited about our Stainless Steel Solid Body Padlocks and for good reason,” remarked Todd Morrison, American Lock Product Manager for Safety & Security. “We conducted two important and extensive corrosion resistance tests on this product using the ASTM’s most caustic and corrosive environments developed to their standards. This involved testing the padlocks in a saltwater chamber and pounding them with saltwater for an accelerated version of saltwater corrosion. The first test lasted 10 days and the second which combined the salt chamber with UV, took six weeks to complete.

“ASTM Standard F883.09 contains stringent test criteria to evaluate the performance value of padlocks and cylinders. For corrosion resistance, it establishes that if a padlock still functions after five days, it qualifies at Grade 1 merit. As reference, this means that after five days of testing, standard steel padlocks or components often corrode. For each successive day in the salt chamber that a lock still functions, it earns another level up to Grade 6. We are thrilled that our Stainless Steel Solid Body Padlocks passed testing with flying colors and have exceeded Grade 6 requirements for both tests.”

American Lock Stainless Steel Solid Body Padlocks include valuable optional upgrades. The state-of-the-art BumpStop Advanced Cylinder Technology is designed to resist bump attacks. The patented Edge Key Control system incorporates an exclusive key and cylinder design with an additional locking feature to create numerous one-of-a-kind virtual keyways. This allows all operating keys to be unique to a specific facility. As a final measure, Weatherbuilt padlock protection covers help maintain smooth operation by keeping dirt and debris out of the keyway and internal components.

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