iRes debuts new wearable camcorder

IRES Technology Corp. has launched a 3.5” wearable mini Digital Video (DV) camcorder able to record up to seven hours of video and audio.

Said IRES Technology CEO Joel Kligman, “uCorder offers convenience and ease-of-use in digital video recording. Unlike mobile phones, digital cameras or other camcorders, uCorder can be worn, providing hands-free video and audio recording at the touch of a button.”

Measuring 3.5” high, 1” wide and .5” thick, uCorder is the most portable camera and recorder available. It can be worn in a shirt pocket with its integrated clip, attached to a lanyard (included) as a necklace, or pinned to clothing. There are endless uses for uCorder – lectures, memorable family moments and vacations are examples.

Two models are available: IRDC150 includes 1 GB of internal memory. The IRDC250 features 2 GB of internal memory plus PC Webcam functionality. The IRDC250 also includes a stand which can be desk mounted or clipped to a laptop computer.

uCorder connects to a computer via USB without any proprietary software being required to play or save the video and audio files. The internal Lithium ion battery is charged via USB.

“Compatible with PCs and Macs, uCorder records VGA Quality (640 x 480 resolution) standard AVI video files for playback on any computer system. Additionally, it can be set to record Audio only WAV files,” added Kligman.

Video and Audio files are saved to the unit’s internal Flash memory (either 1 GB or 2 GB, depending on the model). A slot for optional Micro SD Card memory is also included (up to 8 GB).

Total storage capacity, including internal and Micro SD memory, is up to seven hours. Files are easily transferred to any computer via USB connection. In conjunction with the product launch, a website dedicated to the uCorder line was also launched.