RADWIN launches WinLink 1000 VS

TEL-AVIV, Israel, July 1 /PRNewswire/ -- The WinLink 1000 VS wireless transmission solution is tailored for Security & Surveillance projects, providing 5/2 Mbps Asymmetric Bandwidth; Enhances RADWIN's comprehensive Wireless Video Portfolio

RADWIN (http://www.radwin.com), a leading provider of wireless broadband solutions, today announced the launch of the WinLink 1000 VS solution for video surveillance transmission. WinLink 1000 VS is the ideal fit for mission-critical Security & Surveillance projects requiring high-quality transmission from megapixel cameras at a competitive price. Providing 5/2 Mbps asymmetric bandwidth and incorporating advanced technologies, WinLink 1000 VS leverages RADWIN's accumulated field experience and technological expertise derived from deploying countless Security & Surveillance projects worldwide.

WinLink 1000 VS enhances RADWIN's extensive portfolio of sub-6 GHz products that address Security & Surveillance market requirements. RADWIN's portfolio encompasses products in a range of frequencies, capacities and ranges, including RADWIN 2000 providing 50 Mbps Full Duplex and Winlink 1000 with 18 Mbps full duplex capacity. Products are geared for in-city public safety projects as well as wide area projects such as border and traffic surveillance and remote facilities surveillance. Systems can be deployed in various topologies including RADWIN's unique Multiple Point-to-Point architecture whereby multiple units are deployed in one hub site location and deliver dedicated bandwidth to as many as 16 dispersed camera sites.

Roni Weinberg, RADWIN's COO, stated: "There is huge demand for high-quality transmission solutions for Security & Surveillance projects fueled by the rapid adoption of advanced technologies such as megapixel cameras and video analytic applications. WinLink 1000 VS successfully meets security project requirements. It provides a compelling price/performance value by delivering video in high quality at a competitive cost-structure, and offering superior ease of installation and maintenance. This makes WinLink 1000 VS a critical component of any Security & Surveillance project."