Radiant Systems debuts anti-theft device

Aloha Restaurant Guard to help restaurant operators analyze point of sale data and identify fraudulent activities

The reason is simple - most business owners do not know every single little detail about their employees' histories. During the hiring process, business owners will conduct a quick interview discussing employment history, goals, education and reasons for wanting to work, followed by a reference check and then make a decision about hiring a potential employee. The entire process is quick but is it effective?

Solutions for 2010 - Employment Background Checks

Many large corporations and small companies are now focusing on a triple attack when it comes to the hiring process - the interview and the reference check, followed by an employment background check. An employment background check is a way for employers to access a person's criminal record, credit report and social security identification to ensure that he or she is clean. Although conducting an employment background check and discovering that a potential employer is clean as a whistle will not guarantee that he will be the perfect fit for the position, it does add a level of security in knowing that he has not been charged with theft, embezzlement or other crimes that could jeopardize the future of a company.

Aloha Restaurant Guard is responsible for protecting the future of many restaurants across America; however, other businesses are still struggling to stop employee theft and fraud before it negatively impacts their business. Employment background checks, combined with a security system such as Aloha Restaurant Guard, can drastically reduce the chance of employee theft and other internal attacks.