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Stanley introduces vandal resistant trims for mortise locksets

Indianapolis, IN – March 1, 2010 – Stanley Security Solutions Inc. announces the new Vandal Resistant Trim option for the BEST 45H, 47H and 45HW Series mortise locksets.

These new vandal resistant trims are designed to reduce the cost of replacing the mortise lockbody after its internal components are damaged by a vandal attack on the outside lever. It also will extend the useful life of the 40H mortise locksets in high traffic and/or abusive applications.

The new trims can be used by customers in both institutional (educational, healthcare and government) and commercial (office, retail and hospitality) new construction projects.

Customers can also utilize the new trims in existing buildings using a retrofit kit that easily and economically enables the conversion of regular BEST 40H mortise locksets into locksets with the vandal resistant trim option.

"The new trims incorporate a clutch mechanism that disengages when excessive force, in either upward or downward direction, is applied to the lever preventing such excessive force from being transferred to the inside mechanisms of the lockbody," states Jaime Torres, Director of Product Marketing for Stanley Security Solutions. "After the application of excessive force, the lever can be easily reset to the horizontal position to resume the lockset’s normal operation."

The new vandal resistant option is available only for H, J, M, N, R, and S trims with either #14 or #15 lever designs in any of the standard finishes – it is not available for single or dummy trim functions. If compliance to the California Building Code Title 19 and Title 24 part 12 is required, the #14 lever design must be specified.

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