JETprotect launches laser-powered counter surveillance camera

JETprotect, an innovator in the field of high tech surveillance equipment and analytics, announced today the release of their newest product - a Long Range Counter Surveillance Camera, Model CS300K.

"To date, the art of detecting someone observing you or your facility ('casing') has been trained guards watching CCTV monitors", said Gregory Johnston, CTO of JETprotect. "Our new camera takes the 'red-eye' effect of flash cameras and projects it hundreds of meters", said Mr. Johnston, "to find pupils, binoculars or video cameras that are staring at you".

The technology is the integration of a unique wavelength GigE Vision IP camera and a numerically controlled Class IIIb laser illuminator for dusk to dawn operation. When combined with the company's automatic surveillance detection software, surDET, the system becomes a 24/7 guard against snoopers and automatically annunciates and archives the event.

"Currently, anti-sniper counter measures depend on the sight or sound of the initial shot", said Greg. "By that time, it may unfortunately, be too late. The combined CS300K(tm) and surDET(tm) software alerts the target BEFORE that first shot by detecting if someone is watching us with field glasses or rifle scope", he said.

The CS300K comes with an Application Programming Interface (API) and a Software Developers Kit (SDK) for third party security product integrators. Also included is an articulated pointing mount.

Chuck Scifers, Director of Business Development said that their initial market is the military and security companies that are charged with protecting high-value assets, such as diplomats or other individuals that could come under threat of a hostile action. "We feel that this new product can be a valuable addition to the protective security offerings of these companies for their clients", he said.