exacqVision 4.0 now available

Version 4.0 of exacqVision IP Video Surveillance Management Software has been released.

Mapping Feature

Mapping has been fully integrated into exacqVision. Maps co-exist with cameras, and any view or layout can have cameras and maps. Cameras can be easily placed on maps creating custom map views. Maps can be shared among users across an enterprise deployment Any number of maps can be created and displayed simultaneously.

An additional mapping feature, multi-level nested maps, with the ability to have maps within maps and events at lower-level maps bubble-up to the top level for assessment, is available with the Enterprise Server Option.
exacqVision Mapping Video

Enterprise Server Option

The new Enterprise Server Option, enabled at the server level, adds unique user and server administration functionality useful in a large enterprise deployment of exacqVision servers. Included in the Enterprise option is Active Directory support, Enterprise User Administration, and Multi-Level Mapping.

Active Directory / LDAP Support

System administrators can now configure exacqVision permissions and privileges for accounts that exist on an Active Directory server. For organizations that utilize Active Directory, this enables easy deployment of exacqVision in an enterprise setting, as the user accounts are already created.

Webserver 2.0 - View, Search, Playback, New User Interface

The latest version of the exacqVision Webserver, which is included at no charge with exacqVision software, incorporates a number of enhancements, including multi-server viewing, multi-camera search and playback, PTZ control, and an updated user interface.
exacqVision Webserver 2.0 Video

S2 NetBox Support

exacqVision is now supported in the Video Management System for S2 Netbox access control systems. Events handled by S2 NetBox can initiate video recording, change camera telemetry, or pop up video on one of the display monitors. exacqVision-initiated events such as motion or video loss can be annunciated on the security system.