Intellio shuffles its product portfolio

Intellio recently has shuffled its product portfolio and moved some of its most coveted solutions from the premium price range to the mainstream and, therefore, a much more affordable segment. Famous for its surveillance cameras with built-in intelligent functions, Intellio is now aiming for making the market, and also the general public, more aware of the technology while keeping it affordable. According to the company their goal is to make people no longer dream about high-tech solutions seen in science documentaries, but to make it available in their everyday lives.

Intellio is a global market leader in providing on-board intelligent solutions in surveillance cameras. The company’s new mission is to open up the doors of future technology and make it accessible to a wider audience including the general public. The change primarily affects products that fall into the Building and Perimeter Protection segment as these solutions have been the highest in demand – says János Kópházi CEO of Intellio. Until now, cameras with basic intelligence were sold in great numbers while the ones with intelligent functions were lagging behind. This was partly due to the great difference in price. This will change as the price gap is now much smaller. The company hopes that this new initiative will bring innovative solutions to people’s everyday lives.

The basic feature of Intellio’s smart surveillance system is to alert the user whenever the cameras detect a triggering event, or, instead of sending an alert, do various other tasks defined previously. Cameras can be equipped with detectors such as trespassing, sabotage against the unit, unlawful parking of vehicles, object counter, stolen or abandoned object detector or with perimeter protection detectors. In a typical scenario cameras can send an alert when somebody is trespassing, or control access stations that can deny or allow the entering of vehicles based on their license plates. There are a number of different services that the cameras can provide complementing and helping the work of security guards, and spare the cost of other, usually very expensive solutions.

Besides trying to further popularize the technology and the brand, we would also like to have our forward-looking solutions be more affordable and competitive with other security companies – informed the CEO. One of the biggest hurdles in the way of popularizing advanced technologies is the implementing of costs spent on R&D into the final product. We have changed our pricing strategy, and hope that this will help the company to reach out to a wider audience.