iJET introduces risk mitigation service for businesses operating in Mexico

ANNAPOLIS, Md., July 28 /PRNewswire/ -- iJET Intelligent Risk Systems, a leading provider of global intelligence and business resiliency services, today announced the availability of MX PROTECT. The new service is designed to help organizations mitigate, manage and capitalize on risks in Mexico, a volatile but promising market for manufacturing, tourism, agriculture, consumer goods and other growing industries.

The steep rise in drug-related violence and outbreak of the pandemic H1N1 (2009) virus, along with the effects of the economic slowdown, has led to a rapidly changing threat environment for companies doing business in Mexico. Throughout 2009 and beyond, the Mexican government and business community will continue to face the challenges of narcoterrorism, corruption, a possible resurgence of influenza and other potential disruptions. Amidst these challenges, organizations in Mexico are urged to review current operating and financial risks, along with potential opportunities.

MX PROTECT helps companies successfully navigate the ongoing turbulence in Mexico by assessing and monitoring threats to operations, supply chains and personnel through its two signature products, MX ASSESS and MX WATCH.

MX ASSESS offers comprehensive threat assessments for major Mexican cities and organizations' key facilities and supplier operations within Mexico. MX WATCH delivers real-time alerts based on 24x7 monitoring of emerging and ongoing threats year-round, supporting an organization's ability to make critical, time-sensitive decisions to safeguard operations and personnel as well as to examine expanding operations in Mexico.

"These days, and for the foreseeable future, it is certainly not business as usual for companies in Mexico," said Bruce McIndoe, President of iJET. "Operating successfully in Mexico requires multi-level analysis of local threats and conditions along with up-to-the-minute, 24x7 monitoring of changing events. MX PROTECT provides organizations with a holistic approach to business resiliency, helping to strengthen current operations as well as to identify and evaluate future opportunities in Mexico."

MX ASSESS provides Site Security Surveys, an in-depth evaluation of a company's office, plant or other property in Mexico. Based on specialized interviews and property inspections, these surveys assess a broad set of local threats and opportunities, audit on-premise security tools and protocols, and provide risk mitigation and opportunity pursuit recommendations based on current and predicted conditions. In addition, City Threat Assessments and Mexico Country Threat Assessments provide important information about the local environment in which companies are operating, developed from on-location interviews and analysis of the local and countrywide environment. Threat Assessments include an analysis of the current economic and investment climate; highlight key security, health and other operating risks; and provide threat mitigation strategies and recommendations.

MX WATCH provides 24x7 monitoring of ongoing threats across ten threat categories. Critical, warning and informational alerts are delivered in real time via email, allowing security and other risk managers to assess exposure, identify opportunities and adapt as threat conditions change.

MX PROTECT is the latest addition to iJET's Professional Services offerings, which combine iJET's proprietary intelligence and analysis, consulting expertise, decision support technology, emergency response and security services to enable organizations to meet today's business resiliency challenges.

For more information about iJET's MX PROTECT program or the company's other business resiliency solutions, please visit www.ijet.com/MXProtect.