EMERgency24 donates $1K to Maryland fire department

BETHESDA, MD – EMERgency24, an industry leading central-station alarm monitoring company, donated $1,000 through its Responder Reward program to the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service, Cabin John Park Volunteer Fire Department, Company 10, in Bethesda, MD, on behalf of Splaine Security Systems of Kensington, MD.

This Responder Reward donation was made to acknowledge the fast response by the Cabin John Park Volunteer Fire Department (CJPVFD) to Patti and Michael Hellyer’s home in Bethesda, which saved their three dogs and substantially minimized property damage. The photoelectric smoke detectors installed by Splaine Security Systems quickly recognized the fire scenario and alerted EMERgency24 monitors who dispatched the authorities immediately.

"All of our dogs are safe because of our alarm system and we didn’t even have smoke damage because the fire department was called so fast. They got there so quickly that the smoke didn’t have time to soak into the walls," Patti Hellyer said of the recent fire in her home. "My husband was making dog food on the stove and we were getting ready to leave for a meeting at our neighbor’s house. Apparently, the burner was left on and we left."

Two hours later, when other neighbors left the meeting, they rushed back inside to announce that Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service vehicles were in front of the Hellyer residence.

"We walked down the street and saw all of our windows were opened, so we knew something happened. The smoke set off the alarm and the fire department was summoned. It would have been so much worse if there was no alarm system," Mrs. Hellyer said. "The fire would have grown until someone noticed what was happening. Fortunately, the only damage was that the door had to be broken down for the firefighters to gain access, but that is the least of our worries. We could have lost our dogs and everything in our home."

During the ceremony, CJPVFD Chief James Seavey said that incidents like this highlight the important role alarm-system installers play in keeping our communities safe and the value of having a security system monitored by a central station. "This situation underscores the importance of having a monitored alarm system."

Bernie Ramos, EM24 Washington D.C. Branch Manager, praised the actions of the members of the CJPVFD Company 10 when he presented the plaque. "To illustrate the important role firefighters play in communities across the nation, I want to highlight the actions of the people in this room. The fire at the Hellyer’s home is a perfect example of how alarm installation companies, central stations and emergency responders work together to make our communities safe. Because of the quick and fast response by Company 10, the Hellyer’s were able to spend the holidays in their home."

Sam Splaine, President of Splaine Security Systems, explained that security is a linear process. "If any link in the chain fails – the sensor, communication to the control panel, alarm transmission to EMERgency24, dispatch of the emergency responders – then everything else is wasted. A smoke alarm monitored by EMERgency24 is so much more effective than a system that only has an audible alarm. If no one is home, the neighbors won’t hear your alarm because of the way houses are insulated, but they might hear the windows explode eventually. Unfortunately, by that time, most of the house is gone and pets have no way of escaping. That sums up the importance of having a monitored alarm system."

The purpose of the Responder Reward Program, according to Patrick Devereaux, Senior Vice President of EMERgency24, is to recognize firefighters who put out blazes and to draw attention to criminal apprehension when the police respond to EMERgency24 dispatches triggered by monitored alarm systems. "The EMERgency24 Responder Reward Program was developed to thank firefighters and police officers for the invaluable services they provide in communities across America. Police officers and fire fighters responding to alarms is a vital function that makes our communities safer," Devereaux said.

EMERgency24, headquartered in Chicago since its founding in 1967, is a nation-wide provider of central-station alarm-monitoring services with branches in Detroit, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. The company monitors 165,000 subscribers’ accounts.