EE Systems develops new PIR detector

EE Systems Group’s, EE966D is a pure digital PIR detector based on our revolutionary ePIR technology. The EE966D is a pure digital PIR detector which is especially suitable for harsh residential or commercial environments. It embeds exclusive Sigma Delta, Auto-LED Sensing, and Digital Verification Control technologies on a complete single chip solution (Zilog Z8 XP MCU) to extremely improve stability, reliability and maximize detection performance (up to 60’ x 60’ plus coverage, 65lbs pet immunity, LED-auto off, etc.). The ePIR technology is expanding traditional functions and exceeding the limitations of existing PIR product by setting new performance benchmarks. The ePIR technology will benefit the industry with high quality, reliability, extreme false alarm immunity and easy installation.

The ePIR based EE966D is available at ADI and other distributors. For more information, visit