JETprotect announces new weapon detection software

JETprotect, an innovator in the field of high tech surveillance equipment and analytics, announced today the creation of their newest product - weapDET Weapon Detection Software

Violence is increasing.

The continuing economic downturn is creating more unemployment, loss of homes, and worsening economic conditions among our citizens.

Unfortunately, for some citizens, violence has become the standard means of addressing these overwhelming economic and political frustrations. And many citizens, feeling powerless and with access to guns, lash out violently at others.

Almost daily, the news informs of employees or public officials gunned down by a frustrated person that has access to firearms.

"To date, the art of protecting people against weapon violence is woefully inadequate," said Gregory Johnston, CTO of JETprotect. "Almost all buildings have surveillance cameras watching entrances and parking areas. But by the time an armed individual enters the facility, it is too late. The existing camera systems will show you what happened - after the fact."

JETprotect Corporation has recently unveiled their unique, new weapDET weapon detection software that can determine the presence of a weapon and alert authorities. weapDET provides an early warning of the violence threat giving precious time to respond.
"weapDET software solution is generic and can be interfaced with almost every camera/surveillance /analytic system installed today," said Chuck Scifers, Director of Business Development. "It adds another, life saving layer of technology to your existing security solution."

View an actual video of weapDET in action, click on

The link will open a PPT that describes the Practical Machine Vision and the Video Clip showing the WeapDet operation.

"We are seeking strategic partners and integrators to utilize the weapDET technology to enhance their existing security solutions," said Scifers.