Eutecus offers new video analytics module

Berkeley, California, February 26, 2010. Eutecus, Inc. will announce the Bi-i V401X Video Analytics Module, implementing Eutecus' Multi-core Video Analytics Engine (MVE) on a single FPGA chip, at the Xilinx booth (Hall 12/12-515) at the Embedded World 2010 Exhibition and Conference on March 2-4 in Nuremberg, Germany. Eutecus is a registered Xilinx Alliance Partner.

The Bi-i V401X, a self contained, small form factor, reference design for rapid incorporation into IP cameras and other video security edge devices, can also serve as a standalone video analytics device. Ideal for implementing embedded Video Analytics capabilities, it combines the power of robust hard-coded image processing capabilities with the flexibility of a fully programmable application development environment.

The basis of the Bi-i V401X, Eutecus' Multi-core Video Analytics Engine, is an easily configurable, compact, high performance processing architecture enabling a complete video analytics solution on a single low-cost FPGA, the Spartan 3A DSP(tm).

The Bi-i V401X delivers a full complement of video analytics rules ("all the algorithms, all the time") with input resolution up to 720p HD and multiple event detection at 30 fps with analytics performed at full resolution. The VA platform footprint (including video input-output and other interfaces) is 77 x 36 mm (3 x 1.4 inches) with a power consumption of 4-5 watts.

The system is available for stand-alone testing or for rapid integration with other modules via a choice of standard connectors. For application development, the developer can simply embed MVE commands into their C++ code, or utilize Eutecus' ready-made Multi-core Video Analytics Evaluation Kit V3.0, which requires only configuration, no programming, to demonstrate a wide variety of typical video analytics functions.

MVE Evaluation Kit V3.0, also announced at Embedded World 2010, is a complete low-cost embedded video analytics evaluation and development environment that includes the Bi-i V401X, allowing users to test high-performance video analytics on live or pre-recorded video. The kit includes a selection of video clips. Eutecus is ready to take orders for the MVE Evaluation Kit V3.0, with expected lead-time of 6 weeks.

Eutecus Chairman and CEO Stephen D. Hester commented, "The Bi-i V401X sets new size, flexibility and performance standards for video analytics, at a new lower price point. It can be used as a stand-alone video analytics device connected to existing cameras with minimal customization. The small form factor PCB at the heart of the Bi-i V401X can also be used as a reference design for rapid implementation in other video equipment."

"The Bi-i and the new MVE Evaluation Kit V3.0 set clear benchmarks for embedded video analytics and firmly establishes Eutecus as a full service provider capable of delivering leading embedded video analytics solutions."

"The Eutecus Bi-i V401X Video Analytics Module complements Xilinx's Targeted Design Platform strategy for system designers looking to improve their video analytics application design," said Mark Jensen, director of ISM Business at Xilinx. "At the heart of the module is a Xilinx Spartan FPGA providing the performance required for high definition video - resulting in lower power and cost, while improving quality of the analytics."

MVE Evaluation Kit V3.0 also allows users to use MVE's video analytics algorithms on PC, for rapid testing and prototyping, and introduces MVE's feature-based tracking capabilities, along with numerous improvements and simplifications to the provided GUI.
Eutecus created MVE for OEMs (security camera, DVR and other device manufacturers) who wish to implement a ready-made video content analysis solution into their product lines at a lower price point and higher performance than existing offerings on the market.

MVE provides numerous advantages over DSP and PC-based solutions, including multiple event detectors running in parallel, full analytic processing of HD video streams at video frame rate, as well as greater reliability, scalability and stability. MVE can also be used in conjunction with Eutecus' other advanced image processing solutions, such as object classification.