Veracity launches POINTSOURCE PoE injector

Veracity's POINTSOURCE is a rechargeable battery-powered Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector, specially designed to enable security installers to install, setup, test or demonstrate IP cameras in an installation, even if no network or power connection is available.

POINTSOURCE comes with the items in the photo above- charger, shoulder strap and POINTSOURCE unit- and is packaged in a white box for shipment.

POINTSOURCE can be used with all PoE-powered equipment, such as IP cameras and wireless access points, enabling applications such as:

- on-site configuration
- site surveys and pre-installation trials
- customer demonstrations
- mobile and temporary installations

Using POINTSOURCE as an installation tool eliminates any need for trailing cables or return visits to site in order to set up IP cameras when power or PoE is available.