Verint debuts Nextiva EdgeVR

Nextiva EdgeVR is the industry’s first enterprise-class, IP-based Network Video Recorder designed for large-scale, geographically distributed operations. Available with hybrid IP/analog capabilities, this true IP video solution more readily scales to IP video operations than analog-based, hybrid NVRs, for greater long-term value and lower migration costs. And with all of the features that you’ve come to expect in a Verint Network Video Recorder — high-quality imagery, optimized bandwidth utilization, a secure embedded operating system, and industry-leading system interfaces — EdgeVR delivers superior performance and unsurpassed value.

Hybrid System and Superior H.264 Performance

EdgeVR delivers high-resolution images for both recording and live video viewing. Built with an innovative and powerful H.264 video compression engine, EdgeVR provides superior video quality at significantly lower bit rates, reducing storage and bandwidth requirements. Available with a hybrid analog/IP video option, this intelligent NVR can support up to 32 IP and analog video cameras. And EdgeVR is fully integrated with Verint’s industry-leading Nextiva multi-port video encoders, wireless edge devices, and IP cameras, so it can be easily incorporated in almost any security surveillance system.

Ideal for Large-Scale Video Operations

Built on Verint expertise from more than 70,000 DVR implementations, EdgeVR provides the reliability, scalability, and flexibility that large-scale operations need. EdgeVR features RAID1 support, an embedded operating system for superior security, redundancy, and reliability. This high-performance NVR also provides powerful programming capabilities, flexible storage options, and the ability to set different resolutions, frame rates, and image retention for general surveillance, motion detection, transactions, and alarms.

EdgeVR supports VGA, composite or DVI outputs, with one monitor used for quad or full-screen display and the other for full-screen sequencing. Users can search for and view video by time, date, transaction, or event. And day-at-a-glance, week-at-a-glance, and motion-based searches help users quickly pinpoint video of interest.
EdgeVR operated with Nextiva Op-Center for centralized, enterprise-wide NVR management and Vid-Center for remote, enterprise-wide NVR viewing.