New features added to VideoIQ's video management software

View 1.3 provides 40 percent faster analytics detection, offering VideoIQ iCVR customers the most proactive security protection available
Bedford, Mass. (July 21, 2009) – VideoIQ, the inventor of the world’s first and only intelligent surveillance cameras and encoders with a built-in DVR, today announced it has added major upgrades and features to its View video management software. View 1.3 is a complete video management software suite included with the VideoIQ iCVR that provides customers with the highest level of proactive security protection available.

Among the new capabilities is Digital Doorman, a feature enabling front desk or security personnel to remotely grant or deny visitors access to facilities. Digital Doorman provides critical protection for schools, universities, retail stores, or any business or residential community in which extra security protection is desired, or where it is simply not possible to have security/reception personnel at each entry. Visitors seeking to enter a building or facility are instantly detected by the iCVR’s next-generation analytics, and sends instant audio and video notification to staff. Additionally, staff can speak to visitors before letting them enter the building.

Highlights of Digital Doorman include:

• Multi-station and remote monitoring – Many different users can monitor Digital Doorman from their PC browsers, so if one person is away from their desk, another can manage visitor requests. Offsite guards can also receive notifications and allow/deny access remotely after business hours.
• Audio – View 1.3 includes a “talk” button so staff can both see and speak to those at the doorway, enabling them to verify visitors before granting access
• One-button door release – A guard or staff member can admit visitors with the simple click of a mouse, triggering the door to unlock. This feature creates efficiency for non-security staff with multiple responsibilities, or for entry points with no local reception staff.
• Browser access – Complete notification, viewing, two-way audio, and door release entry is available via Internet Explorer. No special software is required for reception personnel.
• High quality audio, video and activity audit trail – The iCVR automatically captures high-quality video and audio whenever an individual approaches a door, and logs all activity for later review — providing a comprehensive audit trail.
• Outsource option – VideoIQ’s technology enables visitor management to be cost-effectively outsourced to remote guarding partners, either 24/7 or after hours only.

In addition to Digital Doorman, View 1.3 includes:

• 40 Percent Faster Analytics Detection – The iCVR’s analytics are now 40 percent faster at detection, with improvements in detection range of vehicles as well. This means end users are alerted faster than ever about security threats and can respond to the situation before a crime takes place.
• Real Time Clock USB key – For instances in which the VideoIQ iCVR is a standalone application, this component provides accurate time to the VideoIQ iCVR even when it is nowhere near a network, ensuring that security events are recorded correctly. Simply plug the component into the USB connector on the back of any iCVR. The battery-powered clock continues to keep time even then there is no external power.
• Camera Tree Export – This feature now makes it easy to set up multiple View clients without having to enter camera information for each new PC, enabling fast and simple set up of enterprise-level systems.
• Hard Drive Failure Alarm – An alarm provides protection in the rare event of hard drive failure. Every iCVR includes 1GB of memory, so even if the hard drive goes down recent video is not lost.
Driven by next-generation analytics, the iCVR product family combines automated event detection, a built-in DVR and integrated video management into a single solution – a combination that provides proactive security and solves the bandwidth and storage problems of traditional IP cameras. The iCVR is the only intelligent solution in the industry that requires no tuning or calibration – users can simply plug it in and begin using it immediately.


VideoIQ View software is included with every VideoIQ iCVR encoder and camera, and is available free of charge to all existing customers. Previous users can also upgrade their existing iCVRs with the latest improvements. For more information, contact 888-351-1758 or