Visonic adds wireless smoke and heat detector to its PowerMax family of products

Tel Aviv, Israel – January 2011 – Visonic, a leading developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge home security and safety systems and components is pleased to announce the release of the MCT-427 wireless smoke and heat detector, which is compatible with Visonic's PowerMax family. With a streamlined design that fits any residential or commercial application, MCT-427 features a significantly extended battery life of up to eight years, enabling easy and low-cost maintenance.

The MCT-427 offers superior fire detection sensitivity, including the ability to sense rapid temperature changes and detect smoke. Installed in areas where fires are likely to begin, such as kitchens or attics, the MCT-427 monitors temperature changes and activates an alarm when the temperature reaches 50°C (122°F) and starts increasing rapidly.

In the event of a fire, having a working fire alarm that is triggered by either smoke or heat can make the critical difference between life and death, and between minor property damage and catastrophic loss. As a fully supervised wireless detector, the MCT-427 emits visual and voice warnings and the control panel instantly forwards the alert to a central station and/or private phone number. This enables a rapid and effective response to protect vulnerable family members and minimize damage to the home furnishings and structure.

"Studies have shown that merely having a smoke detector is not enough to protect people and property from accidental house fires, because the detectors themselves often fail due to improper maintenance," said Michael Lahat, R&D Technology and Detectors Group Manager at Visonic. "The MCT-427 smoke and heat detector overcomes this risk by issuing alerts regarding low batteries, a dirty sensor that needs to be cleaned, and other malfunctions, thus enabling someone, whether a central station or a remote family member, to be contacted in the case of an alert."

The MCT-427 is part of Visonic’s Home Safety Series, which also includes carbon monoxide (CO), natural gas, temperature and water leak detectors. Combined with a PowerMax control panel, the Visonic Home Safety Series offers comprehensive protection of life and property for any home.