Toshiba introduces new mini-dome camera

IK-DF03A can be installed indoors or outdoors, on walls or ceilings, features fast, tool-free adjusting of camera angles

IRVINE, CA, January 21, 2009 - Responding to a growing market need for improved installation versatility in a dome camera design, Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Products, a business unit of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., today announced the IK-DF03A, a mini-dome surveillance camera geared towards faster, more cost-efficient video installations in virtually any location.

"Our distributors, dealers and installers have asked for an adaptable dome camera that can literally 'do it all' to save them money, inventory space, ordering time and the trouble of relearning a new camera for every job," explained Sergio Collazo, Director of Sales & Marketing, Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Products. "The IK-DF03A is the ultimate in versatility. It can be installed anywhere, on walls or ceilings, indoors and outdoors, and with a choice of field of views."

Redefining Versatility

The IK-DF03A camera is offered in three designs, each featuring a different fixed lens (3.6mm, 8.0mm, 12.0mm) targeted at specific field of view needs. In addition, because its rugged, all-metal housing is IP65 rated as resistant against rain, moisture and dust, the IK-DF03A is qualified for use indoors, outdoors or in industrial areas. Finally, the camera offers the choice of either being mounted on a ceiling or sideways on a wall with the optional wall-mount bracket. Only two screws are needed for ceiling or wall mounting. With this flexible feature-set, the IK-DF03A easily meets the diversified needs of multi-family residential, small and large commercial, institutional, education, government and industrial installations.

Easily Adjusted

Toshiba's concentration on the mini-dome platform and its leadership in advanced camera technologies have enabled the company to continually push new design boundaries. For example, unlike domes that require tools and disassembly to change the angle of their pan, the IK-DF03A's pan direction is adjustable up to 350° simply by rotating its cover ring by hand, resulting in labor savings during installation and later maintenance. Tilt is fine-tuned (0° to 75°) with a quick turn of a screw outside the camera housing.

Imaging Excellence

The IK-DF03A will strengthen security operations with its winning mix of 480 TV line resolution for detailed color video, its high sensitivity 1/3-inch CCD sensor that captures images in lighting conditions down to 0.5 lux, and its compact, discreet styling that measures less than four inches around and 2.7 inches high. It integrates backlight compensation to assure excellent imaging performance in conditions where the subject has an excessive amount of background light, preventing silhouetting or blooming.

The IK-DF03A with 3.6mm lens is available now. The 8.0mm and 12.0mm versions will ship in March. The camera is backed by a three year limited warranty. It comes with instruction manual, mounting screws, mounting template and wall plugs.

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