Napco launches new Gemini control panel

Napco's reliable and affordable Gemini family introduces its new GEM-P1664 hybrid 8 to 64 zone control communicator. This powerful product features 8 zones that expand to 64 with multiplexing.

GEM-P1664 supports Gemini RP and K-Series, Gemini DK-Series Door-Style keypads and new VPS Series talking multifunction keypads. Our field proven Gemini crystal-control transmitters and receivers work seamlessly with Napco’s new GEM-P1664. 64 user codes and 16 relays are supported and easy keypad menu driven Self-Programming Plus (for all zones) cuts programming time and labor. New alpha keypad question-prompts, i.e., test timer, fire zones, exit/entry and follower zones allow installers and integrators to set our system up in no time. Additionally, our panel can be uploaded and downloaded remotely using our easy-to-use NAPCO Quickloader Software.

Our GEM-P1664 control panel features 8 hybrid zones including two 2-wire fire zones in a large locking enclosure measuring 12.5” x 14” x 3.75”. On-board multiplexing technology can accommodate up to 64 EOL zones (from alpha keypads or multiplex modules to our low-cost GEM-EZM4/8 Expansion Module). GEM-P1664 grants programmable partitioning for 4 areas and uses standard Gemini crystal-control wireless technology. To learn about our new money-saving GEMP1664DK1PK custom alpha door keypad pak and our GEMP1664VPSPK multifunction GEMK1VPS keypad with built-in talking voice, PIR and UL siren pak, call 1-800-645-9445 or visit us at