Continental Access debuts CA3000 v2.6

Installation enhancements and essential security features like our dynamic map, cross time zone support, web client and easy archiving options make CA3000 v.2.6 a powerful all-in-one access control solution.

Business owners are attracted to CA3000’s new Dynamic Map, which grants users extra interactivity and integration with Continental’s supported peripherals and DVRs. Security personnel who use our map can check the status of doors, system relays, readers and inputs at all times. Right-clicking the mouse allows you to change the placement of devices within the map and manually control doors and relay devices. Moreover, users can view live video, replay-recorded footage from any camera on the map and display high priority video alerts in a windowpane beside the map.

CA3000 v.2.6 improved Cross Time Zone Support show events in a variety of time zone viewing options. Events in your local time zone can be reported even if your server is administrated in another place. Other CA3000 v.2.6 enhancements include easy to use archiving that eliminates the host CA3000GUI to be active and a GUI that lets you choose how events are displayed. What’s more, our valuable Web Client tool gives administrators remote access from their browser to add, delete, modify card records and/or control all CA3000 v.2.6 devices. Web Client enables Facility Managers to lock and unlock doors, configure panels, readers, relays and inputs remotely. To learn more about CA3000 v.2.6, visit or call 1-800-645-9330.