Andrews International partners with D3

LOS ANGELES, March 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Andrews International, the largest privately owned U.S. full-service provider of security and risk mitigation services, today announced a partnership with D3 Security Management Systems (D3). The partnership enables the companies to provide enterprise clients with an optimal mix of manpower and technology to strengthen security while driving down overall costs. Under the agreement, Andrews International will offer four unique solutions based on D3's products, widely recognized as the industry's premier set of enterprise security management (ESM) technologies.

By combining D3's ESM solutions with Andrews International's strategic expertise, enterprises can significantly improve their security posture while decreasing their physical footprint. The gains in security management efficiency translate directly into broader security coverage that requires fewer uniformed guard hours, thus reducing costs while improving security.

"This partnership offers the best of both worlds to clients - the industry's premier uniformed guard services, combined with the best security management technology," said Andrews International Executive Vice President, Ray O'Hara. "In the current economy, clients are challenged with the traditionally conflicting requirements of controlling spending and strengthening security. The Andrews International-D3 partnership provides the ideal solution for these conflicting priorities, enabling clients to add a new level of intelligence to security operations so they can be more efficient and effective."

Andrews International's clients can choose from four distinct D3 product package options, giving them the flexibility to deploy the solution that most closely meets their specific needs. Each solution is delivered on a Software as a Service basis with low user hourly rates, incorporates powerful handheld PCs for uniformed security use, and includes an administration tool kit, training, help desk support and account and project management.

Each package also includes such standard features as:

The four package options include:

There are no up-front costs for D3's technology; Andrews International provides competitive pricing as part of its uniformed security contracts with enterprise clients. Andrews International also handles all logistics, maintenance and training directly with D3.