IndigoVision introduces EPOS integration

IndigoVision has developed a powerful surveillance solution for the retail and hospitality sectors by integrating its IP Video system with Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS).

Data sent from an EPOS system can be overlaid on a live video display, allowing operators to view the camera feed and till transaction simultaneously. The transaction information and alarms generated by the EPOS system are also bookmarked and recorded alongside the video. This facilitates visual identification of an incident in both real time and through post-event analysis.

Powerful transaction analysis can be undertaken on the stored data, for example, finding out when a particular credit card was used by searching every till in a store or across all stores from the head office. Conversely, recorded video can be searched using a thumbnail feature, which displays a video still image for every transaction, allowing the operator to quickly identify the relevant footage. Evidential quality video clips and associated transaction data can be exported for investigation or use in court. This can be played back using IndigoVision’s standalone Incident Player.

Alarms generated by the EPOS system, such as ‘till left open’, ‘refund’, or ‘large note deposit’ can automatically trigger a number of events. For example, display the nearest camera view to the specific till and pinpoint the alarm on an interactive map. This creates a more efficient operator environment that leads to quicker incident response. Alarms from non-security systems such as building management and plant monitoring can also easily be integrated into the system and benefit retail applications, for example, alerting staff when a freezer fails or a door is left open.

“IndigoVision has a strong presence in the retail sector and has deployed surveillance systems with some of the world’s best-known retailers such as IKEA, Sears and John Lewis Partnership,” said Oliver Vellacott, IndigoVision CEO. “This new development will strengthen that position further and provide stores with an unmatched solution for integrated surveillance.”

The seamless integration with third-party systems is achieved through integration modules in ‘Control Center’, IndigoVision’s Security Management Software. In addition to EPOS, the company has integration modules for over 20 different IP-based access control and security systems.