DAILY RFID lauches new Gate Reader

DAILY RFID has released its new RFID Gate Reader DL8220 for RFID access control application. Its RF channel width can be up to 120cm, allowing enough room for a person to pass through, thus enabling hands-free, walk-through access control for ID badge identification.

The RFID Gate Reader DL8220 is ideal for integration into Access Control applications. It is a self-intellectual device integrated with DAILY's latest long range HF RFID reader module and the left/right side antennas allow tags to be read no matter how they are oriented.

With the DL8220, you can deploy hands-free access control solution which eliminates the need to handle the badge or walk very close to the reader. Furthermore, the RFID Gate Reader can read multiple RFID tags at the same time, with fast identification rate of 30-50pcs/s.

The RFID Gate Reader is capable of reading and writing most 13.56MHz ISO/IEC 15693 protocol tag such as TI,PHILIPS. And it includes several innovations that improve performance and suitability for access control use. These features include:

- 4 lines infrared motion detect sensors
- Stay targeting police equipment (Red signal lamps indicate the reading of a tag)
- Optional 2D antenna supporting 2D tag operation (regardless of orientation)

Please visit www.rfid-in-china.com/products_701_1.html for more information about the RFID Gate Reader for access control.