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Pelco announces integration with Fluidmesh Networks

Clovis, CA (July 16, 2009) – Pelco and Fluidmesh Networks are pleased to announce the successful integration of Fluidmesh wireless platforms with multiple top Pelco video products.

Pelco and Fluidmesh products easily integrate with each other, creating some of the best video security solutions and security projects in the market, according to Pelco management.

“We are pleased to have successfully integrated our video security products with Fluidmesh, a strong technology partner, capable of providing our mutual customers with a wide range of wireless network solutions,” says Terry Carver, Pelco API Business Development Manager. “With the ability to combine the reliability and real time Web interface of Fluidmesh, with the highest quality Pelco video products, this partnership provides an outstanding wireless video-security system.”

Pelco and Fluidmesh officials are proud to report that system integrators can now count on a complete, state-of-the-art wireless video-security solution. Unlike many other wireless products, Fluidmesh technology supports multicast transmission, greatly reducing the bandwidth needed for every camera and allowing a seamless integration with Pelco’s Endura, Sarix, and IP cameras.

“We are also excited and glad to have Pelco as a Fluidmesh partner,” says Cosimo Malesci, Fluidmesh co-founder and vice president. “What Pelco offers is constant product innovation and top-notch customer service which is very much aligned with our philosophy at Fluidmesh.”