Fluidmesh launches three new product innovations

Company’s mesh networking solutions now available with new features

Fluidmesh Networks, a major manufacturer of wireless systems for security applications based on mesh networking technology, announces the release of three innovative new features to its product line. They are:

1. FluidMAX, the point-to-multi-point protocol that allows Fluidmesh customers to create point to multi-point networks (star topologies). FluidMax technology will be embedded in both the Fluidmesh 2200 and the new version of the Fluidmesh 1100.

2. Fluidmesh 1100 with FluidThrottle technology, a new version of the Fluidmesh 1100, provides a variable software-upgradable capacity of the wired Ethernet port ranging from 2.5 Mb/s to 100 Mb/s. This guarantees a flexible, cost-effective solution to precisely fit the user’s needs.

3. Fluidmesh 2200 Endo - the new "Endo" version of the Fluidmesh 2200 - is designed for indoor or embedded applications where the user already has an outdoor enclosure and wants to embed Fluidmesh wireless technology in an existing kit or set-up.

Key Features and Benefits of the New FluidMAX

Network designers can significantly reduce the number of Fluidmesh devices required to reach the camera locations. Using antennas and splitters, one single Fluidmesh 2200 can serve up to 10 Fluidmesh units through long-range links. FluidMAX also solves hidden terminal issues, delivers 100% of the expected throughput, and simplifies network configuration and set-up.

FluidMAX is an extremely flexible network solution because the user can employ the same wireless product to create point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and mesh networks with no hardware change. Mixed network architectures that combine mesh and point-to-multipoint topologies are also possible.

The FluidMAX technology is embedded in Firmware ver. 5.x released as of February 16th and is also available for previously purchased Fluidmesh 2200s running older firmware versions. The FluidMAX technology and Firmware 5.x will also be available for the new Variable-capacity Fluidmesh 1100.

Fluidmesh 1100 Using FluidThrottle Technology

The new Fluidmesh 1100 features innovative FluidThrottle technology that provides a variable software-upgradable capacity of the Ethernet port based on the user’s needs. Software-based plug-ins can be purchased to increase the maximum capacity of the Ethernet port from 2.5 Mb/s to 100 Mb/s depending on the actual system bandwidth needs. The FluidThrottle technology adheres to the cost-effective “What You Need Is What You Get” philosophy which provides the user with maximum flexibility in selecting exactly what’s needed.

Fluidmesh 2200 Endo – The Indoor Version of the 2200 Duo

The electronics and radio components are exactly the same, but the form factor is a small aluminum case that can be easily embedded in an existing outdoor enclosure. The Fluidmesh 2200 Endo is designed primarily for applications where integrators already have their own outdoor enclosure. Alternatively, the Fluidmesh 2200 Endo can also be used in applications where an outdoor enclosure is not required. It mounts two SMA-female antenna connectors and comes with its own power supply.

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