CCTV Camera Pros offers free iPhone app to view IP cams

Boynton Beach Beach, FL - CCTV Camera Pros of Boynton Beach Florida, a manufacturer and distributor video surveillance equipment, has launched the iCamViewer for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The iCamViewer is a free iPhone app that allows users to connect to and view their CCTV cameras and IP cameras live from their iPhone mobile phones. The iCamViewer is available to download for free from the Apple app store.

Commenting on the iCamViewer app, CCTV Camera Pros co-founder, Mike Haldas, said: "We started seeing demand from our customers to view cameras from the iPhone about a year ago. We partnered with AppBurst, an iPhone application development company to co-develop the application with us. The app was made available in iTunes just under two months ago and has already received over 50,000 downloads in that time from iPhone users all over the world. It has been a great success so far and we will continue to add the features to the app that our customers request. We have customers using the app to check in on the operations of their offices, checking to see if a package was delivered to their location, making sure a manufacturing process is running correctly, and other business functions."

Current iCamViewer features:
- Ability to connect to and view up to 8 security cameras live
- Compatible with IP cameras
- Compatible with CCTV cameras when used with a compatible network video server
- Users can capture still images from their cameras from the iPhone and share photos or save them
- Online videos to help users with camera setup are available within the app
- Access to news from CCTV Camera Pros to keep up to date on surveillance industry related news

For more information and to download the iCamViewer, please visit: