Apani offers identity aware networks

EpiForce 3.5 provides users with identity-based access control

EpiForce 3.5 provides the benefits of an identity-aware network to organizations with legacy systems, contemporary platforms and virtual environments. Working at the network layer, EpiForce deploys logical security zones that are transparent to network infrastructure, users and applications, enabling them to be quickly deployed and efficiently managed from a central console. Unlike hardware-based solutions that rely on physical locations and IP addresses, EpiForce creates an identity aware network that delivers security to mixed physical and virtual data centers independent of these requirements.

EpiForce uniquely offers corporate security departments the following:

  • The creation of logical security zones that control visibility and access to data and applications based on user and system authentication;
  • User and policy-based encryption of data in motion to secure network and inter-VM traffic from internal and external threats;
  • Satisfy regulatory requirements by isolating sensitive data and applications without readdressing or reconfiguring the underlying network;
  • Secure legacy applications without recording or requiring additional user intervention;
  • Manage access control and encryption policies on physical or virtual servers and clients from a central console, and from anywhere on the network;
  • Report generation on security activities such as administrators, client software alerts, configurations, exceptions and system status through open software or standard tools such as Splunk and Crystal Reports;
  • Support for over 50 platforms and legacy machines with high availability and fault-tolerant configurations.

As a software solution, EpiForce has a low total cost of ownership, which is less costly to deploy and manage on an annual basis than security hardware. EpiForce is easy to manage, offers exceptional scalability and simple administration. Based on the EpiForce 3.5 platform, EpiForce VM extends the value of identity awareness to virtual data centers. EpiForce VM is compatible with VMware vSphere to protect VMs created and managed with VMware ESX Server 3.5, VMotion and vCenter.

EpiForce 3.5 is available immediately. More information on EpiForce can be obtained by visiting www.apani.com.