GVI Security debuts SmartDome camera

CARROLLTON, TEXAS – February 2, 2009 – SAMSUNG | GVI Security today announced a new high performance 36x Zoom SmartDome camera system that is easy to use and installs in only ten minutes. The new SCC-C7478 (wall mount) and SCC-C7478C (ceiling mount) cameras feature a 432x zoom, among the largest in the surveillance industry.

"As the surveillance market continues to change, becoming more complex, the soft features of products are becoming increasingly important. With these customer needs in mind, our goal at GVI was to make this camera the easiest to install and simplest to use high performance camera on the market today and the forerunner of products to be introduced in the near future,” reports Steve Walin, SAMSUNG | GVI Security CEO. “That we have done. Not only does it incorporate advanced features that set new standards for sharpness and high resolution, the 36X System adapts to the environment into which it is placed flawlessly. Importantly, anyone can install this camera system anywhere within ten minutes."

Walin adds, "This camera has already been selected and installed by some of GVI’s large scale projects in Latin America, including the Bogotá, Colombia, city surveillance project, announced last August. Now, the camera is available for the North American market as well."

Since the new 36x SmartDome cameras are shipped with the camera already enclosed within the housing, installers only have to affix the mount to the wall or ceiling, connect the wires and screw on the housing. The entire procedure takes ten minutes or less.

The new camera system features a 36x auto focus optical lens and a 12X zoom, combining to provide a 432x zoom, among the highest available. It supports various focus modes including AUTO, MANUAL AND SEMIAUTO. With full auto focus, the system produces crisp, clear images at all times and with a wide dynamic range of 128x (NTSC) and 160x (PAL). Contrary to the conventional use of software-based technologies, true WDR technology generates sharp, clear images that are free of glare and shadow over a wide range of illumination levels, yielding more usable video than traditional IP cameras.

To block viewing of specific areas within a picture, especially important in urban public venues, eight different privacy zones may be set. Areas can also be monitored on a time and day schedule.

The new 36x SmartDome system is the finest weather and vandal resistant camera available for IP network deployment, featuring a housing that is fully IP66 compliant. Regardless of its environment, the system performs admirably, resisting rain, dust and cold. The housing also features an optical grade, polycarbonate transparent bubble combining optimum optical capabilities with strength and durability. The robustness of the camera system is also enhanced with the finest quality motors, belts and bearings to provide superior lifetime operation. The operating temperature is -45C to +50C.

The housing also features a revolutionary fan design optimized not only for cooling, but for even airflow and ventilation throughout the entire PTZ assembly as well. Instead of using the customary plastic frame used by most commercial surveillance cameras, a proprietary aluminum frame supports the assembly, providing superior panning alignment and greater reliability.

The moving filter of the new camera system offers true day/night function, identifying objects even when dark. Dwell time can be set respectively from day to night and from night to day.

With a low power consumption of only 2.5amp with heater and blower, the new 36x SmartDome system provides economical operation, backed by a three-year warranty.

The new SAMSUNG | GVI Security 36x Optical Zooming SmartDome is available now.