Potter Electric Signal Company

Potter introduces recordable siren driver

St. Louis, MO - With the introduction of the Amseco VSD-308 Recordable Siren Driver, Potter Electric Signal Company, LLC, has improved upon the great features of the industry standard VSD-208 Multi-tone Siren Driver.

The new VSD-308 allows users the ability to customize a high quality message to be broadcast upon signal activation. A built-in mini USB connection allows end-users to edit and upload pre-recorded messages digitally through their computers prior to installation. Messages can be created from scratch or standard file formats can be converted with the on-board software. The VSD-308 also comes pre-loaded with standard burglar and fire voice alerts which can be broadcast in English, Spanish, or both.

The device accepts up to 64 different .wav files and uses a standard 5-pin mini USB connection for uploading messages.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting Potter Electric Signal Company by phone at 866-572-3005, via email at sales@pottersignal.com or at www.pottersignal.com