TeleEye introduces CMS V3 Site Map

TeleEye Group has introduced the TeleEye CMS V3 Site Map (CMS3-SM) which is an additional module for the CMS V3 Central Monitoring Station Software. With the CMS-SM site map module, users can upload different site maps, manage cameras and verify alarms of remote sites by just a few clicks on the map.

Graphic User Interface of Site Map Module

TeleEye CMS3-SM Site Map is a useful module to simplify site and event management. This module offers world map and floor plan engines. These engines are adopted with graphic user interface (GUI) of which users’ installed sites will be shown on world map. Users can manage a number of sites much easier.

Site and Event Management can be Simple

With two layers of GUI – World Map and Floor Plan, operators can easily manage the location of sites and position of all video surveillance equipment. Users can simply click the “icons” on the world map and get connection to the site. Floor plan shows the position and information of video recording servers, cameras, cameras’ preset points, sensors in connected site. Users can edit all the site details in both layers directly. This eliminates the complexity of connecting the site through site name or IP address in traditional software.

With CMS3-SM site map module, you can control cameras for video surveillance and visual alarm verification at ease.

Main features of CMS3-SM

    Connect to remote sites
  • Freely allocate cameras on site map
  • Select cameras and show live video from remote sites
  • Perform PTZ operations to camera preset locations
  • Control audio operations (Audio Reception / Public Addressing)
  • Event alert on map when receiving alarms
  • View current status of alarm inputs
  • Clear alarm
  • Switch to another site map

TeleEye CMS V3 Central Monitoring Station Software with CMS3-SM Site Map module can fully support TeleEye RX, CX Series Video Recording Server and NX Series Network Cameras and Video Server.