VideoIQ announces record revenues

Video analytics solutions developer more than doubles first half revenues in 2010

iCVR-HD cameras deliver full megapixel analytics with more than two times the range of D1 analytics. Additionally, with a wider field of view and higher resolution than standard resolution cameras, VideoIQ's iCVR-HD cameras allow operators to capture greater detail and track objects for longer periods of time, delivering better context and perspective on suspicious behavior. Finally, VideoIQ's award winning adaptive analytics are 100 percent self-calibrating, delivering category leading accuracy with no manual tuning during installation or over the life of the device.

Unlike conventional megapixel cameras, VideoIQ's iCVR-HD cameras store full 1080p video in up to a half terabyte of onboard NVR storage for months worth of recording, eliminating the need to stream high-resolution images across a network to a central NVR -- reducing network traffic and bandwidth consumption by more than 90 percent. As a result, iCVR-HD cameras simplify infrastructure dramatically, and can be deployed in environments that are impractical for conventional megapixel cameras, including mixed IT networks, wireless networks, and WAN deployments.

GSA Schedule 84 Inclusion

During the first half of 2010 VideoIQ announced inclusion of VideoIQ's entire line of video surveillance systems in the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule 84 including iCVR dome cameras, iCVR encoders, iCST cameras, iCST encoders and View, an advanced video management system. The GSA Schedule Program offers government agencies a simplified process for obtaining the latest information technology quality products and services, fast and cost-efficient ordering convenience, and most-favored customer pricing. Schedule 84, specifically, authorizes state and local governments to purchase from GSA alarm and signal systems, facility management systems, firefighting and rescue equipment, law enforcement and security equipment, marine craft and related equipment, special purpose clothing, and related services.

"The first half of 2010 represents another record for VideoIQ," said Scott Schnell, president and CEO, VideoIQ. "We have seen continued adoption of our line of innovative iCVR cameras and encoders -- delivering true real-time threat detection that is accurate in all weather conditions and simple to install and maintain. And in the second half of 2010, we look forward to the launch of our high definition line of cameras that consume 90 percent less bandwidth than traditional high definition and megapixel cameras, deliver more than twice the analytic range of any D1 product, and include months of onboard storage -- a product we are confident will further revolutionize the high-definition and megapixel markets."