High-Lites launches cast aluminum LED exit sign series

Waterbury, Connecticut – High-Lites has recently introduced its new CLED Series of cast aluminum LED exit signs that provide customers with several new and exciting features. High-Lites has completely redesigned the CLED Series to provide a cleaner, more contemporary look and the series offers an expanded number of option and accessory items for greater application. The most exciting feature of the CLED Series is that it provides self-diagnostic electronics as standard equipment without the cost premium associated with these types of exit signs.

The CLED’s self-diagnostic circuitry provides continuous monitoring of operational parameters, visual product readiness status, and automatic monthly testing cycles. CLED’s self-diagnostic electronics continuously monitor the exit’s AC input voltage, charger voltage and current, transfer circuit, battery voltage and exit sign’s LED light strip for proper operation. Should any monitored value fall outside of predetermined limits, the unit will automatically display a visual indication of the area and type of malfunction using the unit’s bi-color LED display. The self testing electronics can detect and visually indicate the following fault conditions:

• AC Input Over Voltage
• AC Input Under Voltage
• Charger Circuit Malfunction
• Battery Disconnect
• Battery Over/Under Voltage
• Transfer Circuit Malfunction
• LED Lamp Strip Failure

Automatic testing cycles include a one-minute self-test every 30 days and a 30-minute self-test on the sixth and twelfth month on the CLED exit. User initiated 1- or 90 minute self test cycles can be performed at any time using the CLED exit’s integral test switch. All CLED exits also provide an infrared testing sensor which will allow a 1-, 30- or 90-minute self-test cycle at any time using an infrared remote testing device (IRT) sold separately. The IRT has a line-of-sight range of up to 40 feet from the installed exit, providing ease of testing for exits installed in difficult locations.

High-Lites is a Philips group brand and a leading manufacturer of innovative emergency lighting luminaires, exit signs and back-up power systems for the electrical specification and construction industry.