Visonic unveils new intrusion detectors

Bloomfield, CT – May, 2009 – Visonic., a leading developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge home security and safety systems and components, announces a breakthrough in industrial intrusion security – the TOWER-10AM and TOWER-12AM intrusion detectors. The detectors are designed for harsh security environments and provide full compliance with EN 50131 Grade 3 Standards.

Today’s harsh security environments demand uncompromising, robust intrusion detection to protect property against increasingly sophisticated and difficult-to-counter threats. Large industrial, commercial, institutional and government sites, including museums, schools, hospitals and stores require solutions that give them a lower total cost of ownership through reliability, fewer false alarms, and class-leading sensitivity.

The TOWER-10AM (PIR) and TOWER-12AM (dual technology) industrial intrusion detectors from Visonic meet the challenge by employing several revolutionary technologies along with ground-breaking design and construction. They introduce unprecedented detection sensitivity combined with extremely large coverage area, anti-vandalism and virtually undefeatable anti-masking capabilities.
“Security professionals tell us that the total cost of the detector goes way beyond price; their harsh-environment customers care about vandalism, disruption caused by false alarms and, of course, detector performance against today’s more sophisticated intruders,” said Dr. Avi Shachrai, President & CEO at Visonic. “The two new TOWER detectors keep them a step ahead by providing dramatically improved anti-masking capabilities and anti-vandalism features, while also increasing the coverage area and immunity to false alarms.”

Patented technologies deliver outstanding performance
The TOWER-10AM and TOWER-12AM grade 3 mirror detectors feature several technologies that are industry firsts.

• V-Slot Technology – Visonic’s innovative V-Slot is an exceptionally small, recessed concave window that provides very high resistance to environmental interference and vandalism, while also raising sensitivity.

• Market-leading optics
• Combination elliptical-parabolic mirror optics –This new technology creates an exceptionally efficient mirror with extremely high optical gain and delivering longer range.
o Obsidian Black MirrorT Technology – A unique, nickel-based obsidian-like reflective surface acts as a selective optical filter to infrared energy, virtually eliminating white light interference while increasing detection sensitivity.

• Unprecedented anti-masking protection – Visonic’s TOWER detectors protect against even highly sophisticated masking, using V-Slot Technology in conjunction with other innovations such as a complete IR perimeter shield and anti-spray perimeter grooves.

Together these technologies allow the TOWER detectors to offer a superior range and coverage area – 25m x 30m / 90° (82ft x 100ft / 90°) while reducing false alarms and vandalism.

Installer-friendly design
The TOWER detectors are designed for easy installation and maintenance. Among other things, they feature an extended adjustment-free mounting height of 1.5 - 4m (5 - 13ft) and pre-wiring with plug-in terminals attached to the base.