TeleEye celebrates its 15th anniversary

TeleEye Group celebrated its 15-year anniversary with a wonderful birthday banquet for its customers, business partners and employees.

The 15th anniversary celebration banquet was held in Grand Ballroom of the Royal Plaza Hotel in Hong Kong on 19th June, 2009. The main theme of the banquet was “15 Years of Creative Vision”. “It is vital for us to keep a creative mind in today’s ever-changing world.” Dr. Cliff Chan, CEO of TeleEye Group, said in the opening remark. “We have a good 15-year foundation and it is the right time for us to move on to the new era of HD CCTV video surveillance.” In the venue, TeleEye Group showed the latest TeleEye MX Megapixel Camera, which provides HD CCTV surveillance. Many guests were amazed by its good quality.

Although some of the worldwide TeleEye partners couldn’t attend the banquet, they all showed their blessings to TeleEye by shooting greeting videos. The video was played in the banquet and it can be reviewed in the following link:

In order to thank TeleEye staff’s support, TeleEye Group presented the long service award to staff who have been working for TeleEye for more than 5 years. There were over a hundred guests attended the banquet. Other than cocktail reception and a wonderful dinner, TeleEye Group also prepared several games and a lot of presents for guests, including the grand prizes CX784 Video Recording Server and NX173 Network Camera.

The celebration dinner was ended with great success and fun. All the guests had a wonderful and memorable time at the event. The Group will continue to organize a series of celebration events and activities. The latest information can be accessed on TeleEye’s anniversary web page at