Cyber Group launches comprehensive surveillance, security system

Cyber Group, a global provider of engineering solutions for software, electronic products and systems in business, government and public safety applications, announced today that it has launched CyGOS.

CyGOS is a comprehensive surveillance and security system integration platform for a wide variety of applications that delivers analog and IP video, audio and data over AC power line LANs.

"CyGOS eliminates the need for organizations to make costly transitions from analog video cameras to IP video cameras because CyGOS transforms analog video, audio and data signals into IP signals," said Tom Hulsey of Cyber Group. "CyGOS open-standards architecture enables organizations to optimize their existing investment in analog cameras, deploy additional analog or IP cameras (and other analog or IP devices) on an AC power line LAN while realizing the benefits of IP technology."

CyGOS is designed to allow surveillance in places where digging, trenching and breaching of walls to install additional video and data cable, as well as where line-of-sight obstructions prevent the effective use of wireless solutions. Prime examples are parking garages and elevators.

CyGOS is designed to provide IP-enabled facilities easily, rapidly and cost efficiently.

 --  Delivers Clarity, Speed and Security While Using No Bandwidth from
     Existing IT LANs
 --  Reduces the Cost of the Technology Shift from Analog Cameras (and
     devices) to IP Cameras
 --  Eliminates the Need for Expensive, Labor-Intensive Infrastructure
 --  Provides a Common, Scalable Platform for a Wide Range of Commercial
     and Public Sector Applications
 --  Eliminates Line-of-Sight Issues Which Disrupt Wireless Surveillance

SOURCE: Cyber Group