Intransa adds 10GbE technology to VideoAppliance product line

New technology built into Maximum Flexibility Server Appliances, Maximum Choice Security Servers

CUPERTINO, California – July 19, 2010 – Intransa, the VideoAppliance company, has announced that its award-winning 10GbE technology is now available on its customer proven Intransa VideoAppliance product family. Intransa’s Maximum Flexibility Server Appliances and Maximum Choice Security Servers now leverage the full power of 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) to meet the needs of the most demanding video surveillance, industrial video and physical security projects, while providing unmatched simplicity, scalability and savings.

The addition of 10GbE technology to the Intransa VideoAppliance line enables higher speeds while allowing large, robust networks to support more connected 1GbE devices including IP cameras, access control devices, life safety systems and other physical security technologies that support 1GbE. The addition also supports direct connection with 10 Gigabit (Gb) infrastructure and network enabled devices for maximum throughput and reduced equipment needs.

"IT users found that 10GbE offers similar performance and reliability to more expensive, complex and distance-limited Fibre Channel SANs," said Alan Rowe, Intransa CTO. "Intransa expects that those same benefits will be leveraged by a growing number of physical security users with easy-to-deploy and use Intransa VideoAppliance platforms."

Intransa’s four new Maximum Flexibility Server Appliances – the VA25as, VA25as-3, VA35as and VA35as-3 - ship with the customers’ choice of leading video management software on preloaded media kits from any of nine industry leading vendors. With the latest Intel microprocessors and the other technology enhancements, the Server Appliances offer enhanced performance, ranging from 1 to 154 typical IP cameras with a single appliance.

Also offering 10GbE speed are four Intransa Maximum Flexibility Security Servers, suitable for video surveillance, access control, life safety, video analytics, PSIM and much more. The new SR950, SR950-3, SR960 and SR960-3 Security Servers share the same advanced technology as the Server Appliances and provide 2TB of hot-swap, RAID protected storage. Each Security Server can expand its capacity further with Storage Appliances from the Maximum Flexibility line, as needed.

The full Intransa VideoAppliance family eliminates the need for commodity servers that are uncertified and complicated to integrate into a physical security environment. Each product ships with the choice of Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Microsoft Windows Server 2008 to meet standard corporate requirements and to provide flexibility to security departments that typically mix-and-match Server Appliances with companion Storage Appliances for complete, flexible and scalable appliance platform solutions. Intransa’s individual Storage Appliances deliver 2 to 80TB of hot-swap, RAID protected & modular video storage.

Until now, both server and storage platforms have not been extensively tested and certified for 10GbE use and the unique demands of physical security. Intransa rolled out a formal, successful industry certification program for 10GbE IP storage products three years ago, the first of its kind. The program now enables certification of 10GbE servers enabling a wide range of physical security vendors to leverage the power of the company’s Maximum Availability video storage, Maximum Flexibility Server Appliances and Maximum Choice Security Servers for risk-free integration.

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