Visonic debuts ultra-compact wireless control panel

Bloomfield, CT – June, 2009 - Visonic Ltd., a leading developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge home security and safety systems and components, is pleased to release its PowerMax®Express control panel. Packing outstanding functionality into a cost-effective, wireless control panel, the PowerMaxExpress incorporates all the reliability and features homeowners and professional installers demand.

As consumers become increasingly more cost-conscious, distributors and installers need to offer the best home security solution with maximum features at an affordable price.

Visonic's PowerMaxExpress was developed to specifically meet this growing market need. By leveraging its extensive experience in the field of professional security systems, Visonic created a self-contained panel that provides the ideal balance between affordability and performance. This small new panel – unique among its size class - has a standard built-in PSTN communicator and offers the flexibility to add internal, field-upgradeable GSM / GPRS communication module. These flexible communications options ensure maximum reliability in the delivery of events to the alarm central station by facilitating internal redundancy of GPRS, GSM and SMS. It’s also easy-to-install and use, and has a sleek and modern design that fits any décor.

"After extensive research into changing market needs, we developed the PowerMaxExpress to complete Visonic's range of professional security systems," said Dr. Avi Shachrai, President and CEO at Visonic. "This all-in-one panel provides the ideal combination of functionality and cost-effectiveness, and gives our customers the versatility to offer the broadest range of homeowners the right solution to meet their needs and budget."

All-in-one, fully extendable panel
PowerMaxExpress includes a built-in PSTN communicator and a choice of easy-to-add internal GSM / GPRS communications module. The solution can be extended further with a wide range of accessories and expansion options, including safety detectors and personal emergency transmitters, one-way or two-way keypads, keyfobs and wireless sirens.

High reliability and performance
With the PowerMaxExpress, competitive pricing does not mean compromised reliability. PowerMaxExpress is compliant with most international standards and offers maximum reliability and performance. Advanced security features include PCB board protection from accidents or sabotage, and a two-way wireless system with a diversity antenna to facilitate highly-reliable radio communication.