Fire-Lite identfies IP monitoring trend

NORTHFORD, Conn., July 1, 2009 - Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell has witnessed an increase in central station companies monitoring fire alarm systems via the Internet, equating this trend to growing sales of its FireWatch IP Communicators and compatible VisorALARM-Plus receivers.

FireWatch IP Communicators offer dealers a simple installation, unique upload/download maintenance capabilities and a new service opportunity for the upgrade of existing accounts. Building owners favor the cost-savings and increased reliability of IP monitoring.

On the central station side, expanded acceptance of IP communications has led monitoring stations like Devcon to install IP-compatible receivers.

"I think we'll see a large increase in the use of IP monitoring. Technology is changing and your typical analog phone lines are going away," says Roy Pollack, CPP SET; Devcon's director of operations.

Central stations equipped with VisorALARM-Plus receivers, monitoring fire alarms over IP include: Affiliated Central, Alarm Tech Central Service, AlarmWatch, Amer-X Security, Bay Alarm Company, Blue Ridge Security Systems, C.O.P.S. Monitoring, Devcon Security Services, Emergency Systems Inc., EMERgency24, ESC Central, National Monitoring Center, Rapid Response, Security Central, Southwest Dispatch Center, UCC (United Central Control) and USA Central Station.

FireWatch IP Communicators are UL 864 9th Edition listed to transmit fire alarm system information to central stations over any IP network line (i.e. ADSL, cable, Internet) without back-up communication lines. The use of an existing Internet/Intranet connection and elimination of two phone lines per system equates to more than $50 per line, per month in savings. Systems using FireWatch IP Communicators report alarms faster and are supervised every 90 seconds, as opposed to once every 24 hours with traditional phone lines.

"The reduction of costs IP gives our customers was reason enough for us to start monitoring this way," says Pollack. "Everyone has an Internet connection nowadays and this just piggybacks on these existing networks"

The VisorALARM-Plus IP receiver emulates popular receiver formats, allowing seamless integration into existing conventional central station architectures. The VisorALARM-Plus receiver also supports up to three destination IP receiver addresses - a feature not available from any other product. Multiple IP addresses allow for additional equipment redundancies, giving central stations a multitude of configuration options. Possible configurations include using secondary IP receivers for backup or even clusters of two or more receivers for off-site disaster recovery purposes. The third IP receiver address can also serve as a maintenance receiver in an end user's facility to immediately inform maintenance personnel of any system troubles that need attending. Lastly, VisorALARM-Plus receivers cost nearly a fifth of comparable telephone receivers.

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