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Stanley introduces concealed electric option on its 5 knuckle concealed bearing hinges

Indianapolis, IN - July 6, 2009 – Stanley Security Solutions introduces the new 18AWG (-18) Concealed Electric (CE) option on Stanley’s flagship 5 knuckle concealed bearing (CB) hinges, a solution for demanding loads such as exit devices with electric latch retraction (ELR), requiring grater than average power draw.

The elegant and practical design, with all eight wires emerging from a single cluster, has the highest amperage rating in the industry. This hinge is designed and fabricated by Stanley to the industry’s highest standards you expect from Stanley.

The two 18 AWG conductors are stranded, silver plated copper, and Stanley uses the high reliability extruded TFE Teflon insulation that is suitable for harsh environments characterized by extreme thermal or chemical conditions. Some of TFE Teflon applications include military harnessing and medical electronics. The six other wires are 28 AWG that are intended to be used with options on locksets/exit hardware, such as signaling and triggering. All of the wires conduct electricity regardless of door position.
The (-18) electrified hinge is RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant, and conforms to both UL634 and the American National Standard for Butts and Hinges ANSI/BHMA A156.1.

“The 18 AWG is a solution for demanding applications and an excellent power transfer choice for exit devices. In retrofit applications with grouted hollow metal frames, EPT (electric power transfer) devices are very difficult, at best, to install,” explains Vic Zalecki; Product Manager, Stanley Security Solutions, Commercial Hardware.

“An electrified hinge is a much better choice for customers,” continues Zalecki. “No other manufacturer offers a through wire hinge with Stanley’s current transfer capabilities. The message from our customers is that now there is a real substitute for an EPT device that was not available before”.

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