Bosch launches iSCSI disk array

Fairport, N.Y. - Bosch Security Systems, Inc. announces the release of the DSA-N2B40 iSCSI Disk Array Series, offering maximum reliability and scalability for even the most demanding video surveillance applications. The DSA Series is the second generation of Bosch Digital Video Disk Arrays engineered as part of the company's global partnership with NetApp.

The DSA-N2B40 assures maximum protection of recorded video with RAID-4 or RAID-DP technology. RAID-DP technology provides more than 3,800 times more resiliency than traditional RAID-5, delivering uninterrupted system reliability even in the event of double disk failures. Redundant hot-swappable power supplies and cooling fans provide additional safeguards from disk malfunctions. The system also features real-time health reporting and advanced warning of potential issues.

Designed as a scaleable and easy to manage network solution, users can easily add capacity when more storage is required - up to 96 TB. One base unit can be connected to up to six disk shelf expansion units to form a storage stack. Each stack is a single system to monitor and manage, requiring only one IP address.

Offering a lower cost of ownership than RAID-5 storage solutions, the high performance DSA-N2B40 Series features four Gigabit Ethernet ports that enable up to 256 concurrent high-speed iSCSI connections. The DSA-N2B40 Series, like all Bosch/NetApp disk arrays, are fully integrated with the Bosch Video Recording Manager 2.0 software for faster setup. The disk arrays are also compatible with the VIDOS Video Management System and Bosch Video Management System v2.

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