Panasonic System Solutions president named to IBIA’s board of directors

Secaucus, NJ (January 21, 2009) – J. M. Allain, President of Panasonic System Solutions Company, a unit of Panasonic Corporation of North America, has been named to the board of directors of the International Biometric Industry Association (IBIA).

The IBIA is a trade association formed to advance the collective international interests of the biometric industry. It is impartially dedicated to serve all biometric technologies in all applications.

"One of the most exciting frontiers in the security industry is that of biometrics and I am honored by this appointment," said Mr. Allain. "I look forward to contributing to the Association and working within the industry to help ensure that the technology reaches its potential."

As President of Panasonic System Solutions Company, Mr. Allain heads up a Panasonic business unit that includes a diverse group of technology solutions and systems used for business applications, including security and biometric access control, medical and industrial imaging, point-of-sale workstations and drive-thru communications, large screen LED and digital signage, and more.

Mr. Allain has a background in global systems integration, marketing and sales management for enterprises ranging from start-ups to multi-national companies and has led deployments of leading-edge integrated security systems in high profile public and private institutions around the world. He has established experience in a number of technology-driven industries, including data communications and telecommunications. His education includes an MBA in International Trade and Finance and Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and Systems Engineering.

"We are very pleased to have Mr. Allain join the Board of the IBIA and look forward to his contributions," said Walter Hamilton, Chairman of IBIA. "In a rapidly changing industry, we trust he will give voice to the resellers and end users of biometric technologies."

Panasonic System Solutions Company markets a line of award-winning Biometric Iris Reader Systems. These Iris Reader systems rely on the complex and intricate patterns in the iris of the eye, which are unique to each individual and do not change after one year of age. A specialized Panasonic camera takes a detailed image of an authorized person’s iris, and biometric software then makes a template or "map" of the iris pattern to store in the system.

To verify identity later, the individual simply “looks into” the Panasonic iris reader unit located at a designated access point. The system compares the patterns in the individual’s iris against the templates stored in the system and if there’s a match, the identity is verified. Use is contact-free, fast and easy, and safe. Panasonic’s iris reader unit offers unsurpassed accuracy with a false accept rate of 1 in 1.2 million and built-in tamper detection to prevent data from being extracted.

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