Bosch's MIC cameras survive elements in the Gulf of Mexico

Company's cameras selected to feed coastal remote monitoring program

"Many of the currently installed locations push the capability and functionality of the MIC cameras to the maximum, and we have been thrilled at the way they perform," said Chris Johnson, senior vice president, U.S. Space & Rocket Center/Geospatial Training and Application Center.

MIC cameras are designed to provide reliable, high-quality surveillance in the toughest environments. The cameras feature a six millimeter thick housing that is sealed against water ingress and rated to IP 68, making them ideal for ports, industrial and critical infrastructure locations, including areas exposed to corrosive materials. An integrated silicone wiper enables the MIC Series to capture the highest quality images regardless of conditions.

Available in aluminum, stainless steel, certified explosion-protected, infrared and thermal versions, the MIC Series deliver absolute performance in a vast range of locations. For more information about the MIC Series cameras, visit