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Samsung's Frank DeFina authors new book

Charleston, SC (July 27, 2010) - Successful selling involves systematically aligning a sales effort to fully exploit the unique elements of a product or service. Going well beyond "niche marketing," a new book, The PowerZone Sales System, describes a detailed and practical approach to bring order and focus to any sales effort – and to reap big numbers as a result.

"Why is it that some sales people consistently make big numbers with the same products that others can't move out of the warehouse?" asks author Frank P. DeFina. "What have these people figured out that their sales peers haven't? The answer is: They know their PowerZone and how to work it. My book can help anyone do the same."

The PowerZone Sales System unveils a systematic, hands-on process to empower any individual or sales team to formulate a highly focused strategy leading to niche dominance. The book can identify any product's PowerZone – that elusive feature, market or message that can jump-start sales. The PowerZone Sales System guides readers through the process of creating a matrix to reveal where they should place their sales focus and how they should align their efforts and energy.

"It's more than a technique, it involves changing one's state of mind to focus on what they do best and then making the most of it," says DeFina. "With a clear vision, a grasp of prevailing market conditions and a careful matrix-based analysis of the variables involved, anyone can find the PowerZone for their companies, their products and even in their everyday lives."

DeFina devised and fine-tuned his PowerZone approach during a 26-year rise through the ranks of Panasonic on his way to becoming president at Panasonic System Solutions Company in 1999. After leaving Panasonic in 2008, DeFina served as Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing for two years at Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Ltd., reflecting his passion as an avid collector of vintage guitars and amplifiers and his lifelong love of music. This year DeFina became Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Samsung Techwin America.

The PowerZone Sales System begins by identifying the fundamental sales dilemma and introducing the concept of the PowerZone using examples from business and daily life. It also details the importance of the PowerZone Formula and highlights the essential concept of alignment, a process to identify and rank sales variables. Worksheets and questions are included to reinforce the reader's grasp of the concepts, and a virtual team exercise demonstrates how variables gleaned from interviews with company executives can be value-ranked and placed on a sample matrix. Applications of PowerZoning in the book include a practical look at actual advertisements, how to PowerZone the competitors, and even applying PowerZone methods to assessing one's inner self.

Frank P. DeFina earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and a Master's Degree in Communications from Clarion University of Pennsylvania. He completed additional executive education programs in finance and sales management at the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business. DeFina also studied abroad at the Matsushita Institute for Learning, Hirakata, Japan. He serves on the boards of the New York Friar's Club Foundation and the Paley Center for Media in New York City.

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