Maryland woman invents 'The Door Knob Alarm'

DUNDALK, MD—The invention of The Door Knob Alarm is an audible electronic alarm system designed to be deployed on a home or commercial facility doorknob. The intent of this design is that the Door Knob Alarm emit a piercing tone when the door knob is turned from either the outside or the inside and thus provides a heightened level of security and possible deterrence from home invaders or would-be thieves. It also alerts an occupant in the event a door is being opened by an unauthorized child, teen or an elderly family member suffering from Alzheimer’s. The device can be placed over any doorknob. It is equipped with sensors that detect movement and the audible alarm sounds when the knob is turned. It is powered by a battery and has a toggle on/off switch at the top center. The front has a series of red lights around the circumference that light up in a ‘chasing’ style when alarm goes off. Thus, The Door Knob Alarm acts as a visual aid for the hearing impaired. Shaped like a large donut, the center opening is for the doorknob and is easy to install. When the alarm sounds it can be quickly reset by the occupant.

The Door Knob Alarm was invented by Janet Williams of Dundalk, MD. She said, "The Door Knob Alarm has many benefits for residents. For those concerned about home invasion or would-be thieves the piercing sound will scare these criminals off. For those with small children and teens it is equally valuable. And, in homes where there is a resident suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s, the alert is sufficient to allow for immediate attention. The Door Knob Alarm differs from other alarm systems and is affordable to those unable to pay the high cost of alarm systems...and there is no need for unsightly alarm boxes and wiring either. The Door Knob Alarm will protect homes and residents whenever and wherever it is in place." To view a graphic of The Door Knob Alarm, along with more complete information on design features, advantages, benefits, target markets and distribution channels, please go to the product Website at or see the attached brochure.