Vector Security named video integrator of the year

Pittsburgh, PA: Citing the quality of Vector Security's business relationship with their company,
CBC (AMERICA) Corporation recently selected Vector Security as the recipient of its first "Video Integrator of the Year" award. CBC (AMERICA) Corp. offers a complete line of CCTV security products under CBC's own brand names, Computar and GANZ.

Don Beeby, Vice President of Sales for CBC (AMERICA), indicated that their selection of Vector
Security was based upon a number of critical factors, including Vector's integrity and commitment, wide usage of their products and willingness to help direct their engineering efforts in ways which better positioned CBC in several vertical markets, especially national retailers.

"The sign of a true partner is not just that they bring you into an account, but that they work to refine your products to better service the demands of the market. That's exactly what Vector has done and they've helped create a win-win-win situation for their customers, for Vector Security and for CBC."

Jim Rao, Vector Security's Director of Video Technology for its National Accounts Division, adds, "Normally and understandably, most video integration awards and recognition typically go to companies that are engaged in large scale video integration projects such as healthcare, municipal systems, transportation and public utilities. The fact that Vector Security received this award, as an integrator that focuses primarily on retail, makes it an even greater honor. "

According to industry statistics, the retail industry purchases upwards of $1billion of video equipment each year, much of which is based upon system upgrades and DVR replacements.

According to Rao, that presents problems along with opportunities. "Most often, retailers build large scale installation platforms through the routine expansion of their video installation. This unfortunately paints them into a corner when looking at new products and manufacturers. What we've found is that we can deploy CBC video technologies in ways that have proved economical for retailers, both in retrofit and new system installation. We integrate CBC equipment in mostly all facets of our retail video offerings. It could be DVRs, cameras or monitors, but a majority of our retail-centric video systems include one or several CBC products. In a sense, CBC has allowed our customers to achieve a level of freedom that retailers are not used to. They like it."

Don Beeby appreciates Vector's reliance on the CBC product line, but also comments that Vector has taken an ethical approach in representing the product line. "Vector's success has been the result of taking the high road when it comes to specifying our products. Each time they do so, their decision to use CBC is based upon a belief that it will be the best fit for the customer. The result of that approach has been one of the highest levels of customer satisfaction we've seen from an integrator's customer base."

Rao adds that product reliability is also one of the strong points of the CBC product line. "Equipment placed in a retail environment, especially head-end components, is subject to some of the most brutal environments in which video needs to operate. Our CBC products perform well in these environments."