California school district deploys HD network cameras

IQeye HD megapixel technology paired with OnSSI VMS has significant deterrent effect

In just a few months of operation, the HD megapixel quality images have aided security staff in solving infractions ranging from the theft of a few bags of chips in the cafeteria line to scuffles and the occasional fight. The system also helps to solve disputes in a positive way, for example a student was accused of not paying for his lunch, but the video clearly showed payment had been made.

Kivett again, "We can recognize faces on the video, the students are quickly getting to know this, and it is becoming a powerful deterrent to mischief. Word of mouth is probably our best tool, it travels fast."

The District is monitoring and recording video at the high schools at speeds ranging from 5 to 15 frames per second. Video is stored for 16 days, long enough for any incident to be reported and checked out, if it wasn't observed real-time. Redlands Unified has a total of 23 elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as the Redlands Independent Study Education school. Future plans call for gradually rolling out a standardized video surveillance system to all District schools.